Info for Bloggers

I’m Babs Draconia , designer and owner of .:TheBeautifulOnes:.
First of all, thanks for taking interest in my store.
In this article, I’ll explain how i work and what I expect from that work with me.

To begin with, I work slowly and alone. I’m not like some designers who design in series and I’m not going to fill your inventory with items to post in haste.
In each box of items to post that I send, I include a note inside explaining what it’s inside, with prices, landmarks and details; for example if one item is for an event or if it is a new release in the store.
I send these notes for you to read them, heap up information and use your common sense to post .
I do not ask to post my items as soon as you get them, but if there is an item for an event that lasts two weeks in the box, I hope you will you post before the end of the event (I say this because it has happened because of not reading notes), so it is very important to read the information i give.

I don’t have a group of bloggers. We lack almost all space groups: that is why i send you the items via a mail list .
It works exactly like a subscriber, with the only difference that I’m the one that includes you in the list. You simply receive an object to your inventory called ” .:TBO:. BLOGGERS PACK” and the shipping date .
When I do this, I always notice a shipment through the facebook group.

I ask you to be part of this group.

It is your responsibility to check if you have obtained the box. Otherwise, if not (the famous delivery capped), it is no problem to do forwarding .

I spend many hours in my products, I said I work slowly, try to take care of every detail of my creations so I expect the same from who collaborate with me.
I understand that you are creative photographers and everyone understands fashion in their own way, that’s why I ‘ll never get into your style, today i count on bloggers with a strong “dark” style and other super colorful and I’m delighted with them all.
It is for this reason that I always send the fat pack , to let you post comfortably supporting your style and according to your tastes .

Good quality photos (not pixelated, blurry, with altered colors) aesthetics, tastefully ( not porn , violence, etc. ), are the minimum requirements .
Remember, i do not rush to see your posts .

But how do you contact me with your posts ?
Very simple , publishing directly in my Facebook group ( Profile )

Do you not have Facebook ? No problem, you can publish your posts in my Flickr group. @ N21 / (profile)
Or in both groups 🙂

In my blog, i have a blogroll with all people who are working with .:TheBeautifulOnes:., In return I ask you to include me in your blogroll or my logo in your blog ( or both).

If you have read this far, thank you. I think it’s important to know which is the way I work and what I expect from my collaborators .

If you want to join the team of bloggers .:TheBeautifulOnes:., Please fill out the application located in my mainstore duly completed and I will contact you shortly .

(If you have not heard from me in a week, I may have not received the note. If you are still interested, try to send it again)
♥ Babs Draconia.

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